16 June 2016 by Graham Duncan

While testing new software to publish my website and blog, I discovered that my web space and email server is hosted by Amazon Web

Services in Sydney.

I thought Amazon just sold eBooks, but my ISP informed me that Amazon are also one of the biggest Cloud providers in the world and that

as my ISP's client base grew it was uneconomic for them to maintain increasingly large servers of their own, so they went with Amazon.

They sent me a link to show that I was in good company. Amazon's clients include NETFLIX, NOKIA and even ADOBE.

There was no mention of the CIA.

I discovered their involvement myself while researching my next book (Going Global).

I came across these interesting articles on the web.

First, about CIA's $600m deal with Amazon -

Then, about CIA investment in social media generally -

I spoke to my ISP to explain my aversion to Clouds generally and the CIA in particular and they were quite open about the realities of life in

the age of the Internet.

Under Australian Law now, all ISP's must keep our meta-data (what websites we visit and who we email) for two years (I knew that) and we

are all being watched (I only thought that). I thought places like Pine Gap monitored telecommunications via satellite (eye in the sky sort of

thing). It seems the spooks have been ahead of many of us in using social media. They just haven't advertised the fact. If they did, they

would probably have to kill us.

I have been told I am naive and behind the times.

I don't really mind being called naive. I looked it up, it means -

innocent, unsophisticated, artless, ingenuous, inexperienced, guileless, unworldly, childlike, trusting, trustful, dewy-eyed, starry-eyed, wide-eyed, fond, simple, natural, unaffected, unpretentious.

Artless hurts, but I like ingenous or is that misspelled? Shouldn't it be ingenious?

Anyway, what do we do about this new enlightenment regarding the dark forces? I refer to them as SPYDERS.

I have nothing to hide and I have always believed in openness and honesty, so I guess I will just go with the flow.

I am just happy to think that someone is reading my stuff.

However, I recommend you refrain from putting anything personal or private in the Clouds or on social media.

Or mentioning "The War". Whoops!

You never know when corrupt companies or governments will use personal information against innocent people. It could be that the spyders

(with our government's support) are just driving the real baddies underground.

That's why I am also hoping we end up with plenty of independent MP's to help keep the bastards honest.