The Author

Graham Duncan (aka Glen Dennis)

I began my career as a Commercial Trainee in BHP’s Whyalla Steelworks and Shipyard. My first posting was in their purchasing department where I learned to make sound ethical buying decisions and negotiate contracts.

I studied economics, finance, accounting and contract law, plus a unit in computer programming. After working my way up to supply and contract management roles with several major mining operations, I started my own contract consulting business, Supply & Contract Resources. My main aim was to help clients and colleagues improve their supply chain and contract administration processes and I soon had to contract out other procurement and supply chain professionals to meet growing client demand.

Contract staffing proved to be a very effective recruitment process and in a few years my wife and I were working very hard and making good money providing good people to clients across Australia. We bought our home, educated our children and achieved acceptance and respect in the business community and supply chain fraternity. I wasn’t chasing wealth, I just wanted a healthy work - life balance, so I decided to spread the wealth and the workload by franchising the business as ProcureNet.

Developing the systems and procedures to franchise the business was a lot more work, but we had help from good staff, family, friends, our accountant, lawyer and other service providers, and for more than a decade, highly motivated franchisees. I thank them all.

Governments have never made it easy for small business. The introduction of the “new simplified tax system” (GST), along with payroll tax, fringe benefit tax, superannuation, work cover and insurance generally made compliance more difficult, not simpler.

The global financial crisis in 2008 also took its toll, making people less inclined to take a risk by going into business for themselves or buying a franchise. People sought the security of “permanent” employment rather than contracting.

Our business prospered for almost 20 years by maintaining the simplest approach we could, and by giving clients and candidates the best possible customer service and value.

As people scale Maslow’s Pyramid, and reach a later stage in their lives, their aspirations change. They seek different things to achieve status and fulfilment. Once I had achieved all I could with the business, I sought a successor, so that I could concentrate on things more creative for fulfilment. But like me, one by one my franchisees changed their needs and wants, seeking different ways to achieve security, status and fulfilment.

The market, economy and technology also changed. There is a need to keep up with the use of social networking in business and particularly recruitment. I was finding it more difficult to keep up to date and motivated, so I wound the business up in 2013 and retired.

I now seek satisfaction and fulfilment from art, music and writing in my studio in Strathalbyn, South Australia.

I recently decided to publish my first book as three short eBooks under the pseudonym Glen Dennis.

Why Glen Dennis?

Pen names are cool and this sounds Scottish, like my ancestory.  Well, at least like Scotch!

Although Glen does derive from the Gaelic word “gleann” meaning “valley”, I discovered that Dennis derives from the ancient Greek word “Dionysus” meaning “the divine one of Nysa”, a reference to an early god, who was believed to be the protector of the vines. That sounds like me - Nudge! Nudge!

GLEN DENNIS =  God of Wine (Dionysus - protector of the valley of the vines).